Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Wrap-up

We have been going non-stop since Thanksgiving!! It finally seems to be slowing down, and we are thrilled.

- We went to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving. My Bother and his family were there as well and we had a really nice time seeing them. Celie had a complete blast playing with her cousins and Libby enjoyed being in the mix of a lot of people to give her attention.

- We did Black Friday shopping. I know a lot of people are very against it. I am not and here’s why…. we got ALL of our shopping done in one night. All of it. While the girls were sleeping and at pretty great deals. So we started at 10:00 Thursday night and shopped our hearts out until 7:30 the following morning. We got home right as the girls were waking up. Yes, we were worn out but we went to bed that night at about 8:00 and all 4 of us took a nap that afternoon. My dad was at home with the girls while they slept that night, don’t worry.

- We got home Saturday evening and had a busy week. I left for a Beth Moore conference the following Friday in Pensacola with my mom and some ladies from our church. It was AWESOME! Truly, it was amazing.

- I got home Saturday night from that and we had another busy week full of rehearsals for the Children’s program at church, decorating for the performance and normal weekly activities. The rest of the week was a blur… complete with an all day cookie bake with our dear friends. By all day, I am taking about 11-8 cookie baking. Crazy. I could not even look at another cookie. (I could now, though Winking smile ).

- Sunday was the performance for Celie and the other children. I am one of the choir teachers, Celie was in the program and Matthew played a big part in it as well. Yeah, we were a little busy. It was the first and last time all 3 of us will be in the same thing. At least until the girls are older. It was rough on poor, sweet Libby.

- last night we had 21 people over to our house for steak and all the sides. We don’t have a huge house so it was a good time. We know that we can safely feed and fit 20 people now, though. It was a lot of fun. And work. But mostly, fun.

- You know I have to post a video of Celie singing her very first solo at church. I can’t tell you how many times we have listened to and practiced the song at home. I was a total stage mom…. it did pay off, though. Punkin took the video and it is so sweet. I cried. Of course. Matthew and I were both VERY proud of her for doing such a great job. For a 3 year old, she was very calm and collected. Our church was packed. I think the final head count was around 200 people. And she seemed to love it.

Celie’s solo–Oh Come all Ye Faithful


Jenny said...

That is THE sweetest singing I have ever heard!!! You now I cannot make it through hearing kids sing without crying. But when it is a sweet and very missed niece...tears for sure. I miss you all and wish we were together.

metaphase said...

Great Job! I'm so glad she got her dad and aunt Char's nack for singing. Oh wait, I'n not actually related to Celie...:)Guess that just leaves you guys to get all the credit. No, really, I loved it. I know you were both about to burst.